We’re renovating: A new design for dapulse

We’re happy to announce that next week we’ll be releasing a new design for dapulse.

We’ve decided to redesign because we found it can be even more beautiful, because the current design limits the things we’re looking to improve and because we like to make you happy – so you’re going to see many improvements you asked for.

The improvements you’ll notice right away with the new design are:
1. It’s a high-contrast and more readable flat design.
2. It fits your wide screen perfectly – taking advantage of the whole screen.
3. Boards can have more columns.
4. The Pulse page gets a new knowledge base area, the Notes, Files and Q&A boxes now have their own space.

Also we’ve Improved readability and redesigned the updates wall.

Additional improvements that we’ll release a bit later:
6. Private Boards – because sometimes you just want to create the big picture for a small team.
7. A Pulse Activity Column – that lets you see the update count and last update right on the board.
8. Mobile responsive support – full support for tablets and mobile readability.
9. Search and filter Pulses on a Board – we’ve found that many of you use Boards as a data base – filtering and search will boost its power.

These are truly exciting times and you should expect lots of amazing new things to be released on dapulse soon.

Wide screen flat design – Board redesigned
Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 3.33.41 PM
Wide screen flat design – Pulse redesigned
Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 3.34.08 PM

More Columns, New Timeline – Responsive will follow in a few weeks


New vector icons – Crisp on your retina display!

Timeline design – with left side hints on content
original-f (1)

Admin section + Profile completion wizard facelift

Penny for your thoughts. Leave us a comment

  • Kevin

    Hi Team,

    This all look like great improvements.
    Looking forward to start working with them.

  • ruti

    What about columns width?
    will we finally be able to see text that is more that 2 words within headers and columns?

    • Daria Shualy

      We hadn’t planned to enable changing the width, but I passed the feedback to Product and R&D so we’ll start playing with the idea. Thank you!

  • Guys, love the interface makeover. How about adding a column to see “last updated” or unread? When we have so many pulses open, its a pain to see which ones need our attention. Tools like unfuddle handle this well

    • Daria Shualy

      Hi Vinnie, thank you for the great feedback. Just updates Product and R&D (in our User Feedback Pulse of course :)) We’ll work it into our priority list. It’s a good suggestion!

  • Hallo dapulse-Team,
    I would like to test your software – before a question: Are different languages ​​installed, I can use the software in German?

    Thank you for an answer.

    • Daria Shualy

      Hi Oliver. Yes, you can certainly use it in German. Also, if you’d like to get a demo — please just drop a line to sales@dapulse.com

  • Daniele Tassone

    Very amazing. Hope to see this improvements very soon!