How Aleah Jean Rosales Made a Killer First Impression with dapulse [VIDEO]

Aleah Jean Lightning Jar

It’s incredibly cool to have customers all over the world using dapulse, but at times, it’s a bummer that we can’t connect more with them personally.

That’s why we started our world tour to begin with: it was time to finally get some much-needed face time with the incredible teams that work with dapulse every day.

When we were brainstorming a list of people for them to meet, one person was an obvious choice from the start: Aleah Jean Rosales.

We first connected with Aleah when she was a Production Coordinator at Frost & Sullivan. Her team needed a better way to stay on top of their deadlines, so Aleah adopted dapulse. Their team was so successful that upper management at Frost decided to implement dapulse organization-wide to their thousands of employees (!).

When Aleah moved to the digital marketing agency Lightning Jar, she took dapulse with her and created a killer first impression at her new job by using dapulse to get super organized. Watch this video to meet Aleah and see why we love her so much!

Thank you to Aleah Jean and everyone at Lightning Jar for having us over!

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